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Got an email back from Primatech (read here to see what I’m talking about). I think I can relax:

Thank you for your interest in Primatech Paper and taking the time to complete our employee application.

Unfortunately, after reviewing your submission, we don’t have any openings that match your skill-set at this time. You are always welcome to re-apply at a later date.


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Heroes On Paper


I was a little worried that Heroes was petering out here mid-season, but after watching the first episode of the new year… Oh baby!

BTW, if you’re watching, did you notice the cheerleader’s dad’s business card? It points to this site.

If you call and press three for job opportunities, it gives you a code to enter to “apply” for a job there.

I did it and got an email back:

Thank you for your interest in Primatech Paper. We will be in contact once we evaluate your application.

Curious to see what happens next…

(BTW, is that logo spot on or what?!)

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