Cartoon Subscriptions – How to Download Your Cartoons

The brand new is great, but things are of course a little different.

If you’re a subscriber, there’s a new process for downloading your cartoons. It’s not hard though, and I’ve created this step-by-step guide to show you how it works. (There’s also a short video if that’s more your speed.)

So here’s the new Andertoons:

Nice, right? Let’s do a search for Batman:

Great! Here’s the search results for Batman:

That first one on the upper left looks good. Let’s click on that:

Hmmm… Why is this asking me to Join the Club? I’m already a subscriber!!

You are; but you haven’t signed in yet. Easy to fix:

Just click Sign In in the upper right corner of the site. Then you’ll go to the sign in page:

Enter your email and password and click Sign In. (The very first time you sign in to the new you’ll have to create a password. You can use your old one if you like.)

Now you’re signed in and taken to your Account Page. From here you can see your past orders, change account settings, etc…

I recommend when you visit Andertoons that you just sign in first before searching for cartoons.

OK, let’s find and download a cartoon. Let’s search again for Batman:

Now when we find that cartoon we liked earlier, the page looks like this:

See the “You’re In The Club!” and the “Add To Cart To Download” button? Woo-hoo! Click that and you’ll see:

The cartoon is added to your cart. And because you’re a subcsciber, your price is $0.00!

Now click “Check Out” and you’ll see:

This is the place that might throw up a red flag for you. The site asks you for your billing address at this step.

We use the same e-commerce cart mechanism to handle your initial Susbcription pruchase as we do for downloads. That’s why it’s asking you this.

It’s not a big deal at all. In fast you can basically ignore it and just click “Bill To This Address.” Your price will remain $0.00:

See? I’d never steer you wrong!

Click “Continue” and you’re done Checking Out with that cartoon:

Hooray! You’re all done!! You’ll get an email with a link to download your cartoon(s)!

But, if you’re really in a hurry, you can continue here and click “Download The Items You Ordered.”

Click on your Order #.

Click on the orange arrow download button as seen above.

Click on the link to download the ZIP file containing your cartoon in five different ratios and sizes:

I’m on a Mac and my download looks like this. Depending on what computer and operating system you’re using, it may download someplace else. Here’s the ZIP file:

Click on it to see the folder containing your cartoons:

And you’re all done! Easy peasy!

I know it’s different than before, and it’s a few additional clicks.

I liken it to when they move something to a different aisle in your local grocery store. The first few times will take a little getting used to, but it’s not long before you know where everything is again.

So there it is! Enjoy the new Andertoons, and enjoy your cartoons!

(Again, there’s a short video that shows you how this works too.)