What Makes Andertoons Different

Let’s say you want to buy some chocolate.

You could buy a cheap brand name chocolate bar at a corporate grocery chain or big box store and it would be OK. Not great, but totally fine.

Or, you could go to that little local chocolate shop in town. The person behind the counter made a fresh batch this morning and always says hello. They have that kind of fudge you just can’t get anywhere else, and you feel really good supporting a small business you like.

That neighborhood shop feel is what I’ve strived for at Andertoons.com. So as we launch a new website, I thought I’d take a moment to talk about what I think makes Andertoons different and maybe a little special.

Sensible Pricing

Big box cartoon sites like to make sure they don’t leave any money on the table. And that’s fine, but it also makes things complicated.

One site has six basic prices, but if you count all the additional options and permutations, there are more than 26 different prices. To illustrate, there are two different prices for “indefinite private non-commercial use with family, friends and colleagues” depending on whether or not you also want electronic rights. Also, for newspapers distributed solely in India, they “can offer a further 30% off list price for any category N1/N2 license.”


I have basically two prices. $20 per month ($200 per year), or $75 per month ($750 per year) and you can download whatever you like with no complicated contract. Cancel whenever. Easy peasy.

Stop Me If You’ve Heard This Before

Let’s say it’s Monday and you’re at the office. Someone tells you a joke and it’s really pretty funny. Then on Wednesday someone else tells you the same joke. And on Friday you hear it again. You continue to laugh politely, but it doesn’t really have the same effect.

With big box cartoon sites, you’re using cartoons that, while good, have been printed and reprinted and re-reprinted over and over for years in books, magazines, marketing, calendars, etc…

Andertoons cartoons are less widely published, and that’s very much to your advantage. A cartoon your audience hasn’t seen before makes a much bigger impact.

It’s Just Me

Big box cartoon sites have lots of people working for them: web developers, e-commerce consultants, marketers, salespeople, administrators, lawyers, and, oh yeah, cartoonists. Need something? That’s Tom’s job. Oh, actually, I think that’s Judy’s department. And we should check with Jerry. We’ll get back to you.

With Andertoons, it’s just me. (OK, I also have my assistant, and I have a guy who does my taxes.) Problem with your order? I’ll help. Website gone kabonk? I’m on it. Something special you need? I’m your guy.

But Wait, There’s More!

While Andertoons sells cartoons online, we also do a lot more.

Need a custom cartoon made just for you? I’ve created hundreds of custom cartoons for clients large and small. I’ve got tons of examples if you’re interested.

I also teach cartooning to kids. In fact, last year I taught almost 100 cartoon classes at schools and libraries! Dinosaurs, robots, and superheroes! Oh my! Check it out!

Plus there’s a free daily cartoon, our cartoon blog, and Andertoons on Instagram.

So as we launch a new Andertoons.com, thanks so much for your support! And I hope you’ll agree that Andertoons is different and special.

It certainly is to me.