Gotta Watch TV

FrontlineLately I’ve been watching more and more PBS, and one of the most interesting/valuable/scary programs lately was part 3 of Frontline’s News War series, “What’s Happening to the News.”

An incredibly in-depth look at newspapers, blogs, and the internet, this is (God help me I’m going to say it) must see TV (whew!) for cartoonists.

Go watch it online for free!

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Andertoons 2.0 – FAQ/Help

One of the banes of running a popular site are the ever-arriving “something’s not working” or “where’s the thing where I do that” emails.

Don’t get me wrong, if there’s a real problem with the site or a customer’s order, I want to know about it so I can fix it ASAP. But often times, it’s a really simple misunderstanding or question that can be answered by an FAQ/Help page.

The old Andertoons had a FAQ page, but it had become bloated and there was a lot of info I thought people wanted, that they never really did.

So, I pared it down to the questions I get most often, and reorganized it into a number of different pages to make things clearer.

The default page is “FAQ/HELP – Purchasing Cartoons“:


But there are a number of other pages as well that you can navigate to via the left menu bar:


Also, the FAQ/Help link has moved from a main menu placement, to more of an account-centered location in the upper right of each page:


It’s fairly common among sites, and saves more space in the new layout.

Anyway, hope it helps…

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