Goodbye Old Friend

I’m sad to say I’ve had to put down one of my oldest and most reliable of companions; my old pencil sharpener.

I’m a pencil nut. I love love LOVE really sharp pencils. And they have to be a very specific kind.

Img 0222

Anyway, before I had a permanent workspace, I used to create my cartoons at the coffee table in our old house’s living room, which meant pretty much everything for cartooning had to be small and mobile. Hence my battery powered pencil sharpener.

Img 0211

This thing was a workhorse and has been at my side for about as long as I’ve been cartooning professionally. But, sadly, something went kablooey the other day, and now I have to lay it to rest. Sniffle.

Goodbye old friend.

Img 0223

On an up note, after some recent browsing at Staples I’ve adopted a new sharpener (same breeder, BTW) and my pencils are sharp once more. And, thanks to shelving my gypsy ways, this one can stay plugged in and in one place.

Img 0217

I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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Andertoons At Tower Records

I was renting my tux for the Reubens the other day, and browsed around a Tower Records in the same strip mall for a bit.

Not to sound arrogant, but by this point I’m pretty used to seeing my cartoons in magazines and newspapers, but greeting cards are still pretty new for me, so seeing some of my cards in a rack for the first time warranted some cell phone pics.

05-17-06 1050

05-17-06 1051

05-17-06 1052

I gotta wonder what the surly goth teen stocking the nearby magazines was thinking while I snapped these.

Anyway, always cool to see your cartoons in a new venue.

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