High School Cartoons – 12/2/87

Here's another old cartoon of mine from my high school paper, The Lance.

Today's is from December 2, 1987. Here's a bit of the page it was on:

Lance 12 02 1987 Page

And here's the cartoon close up:

Lance 12 02 1987

Looking back I have no idea why I'd attack Thanksgiving leftovers. That's not much of a joke, and I LOVE Thanksgiving leftovers!

Still, the art is getting better, and my handwriting is much improved.

(And I have to admit I like that the plate of food is still gobbling.)

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2 thoughts on “High School Cartoons – 12/2/87”

  1. the cartoon's fine, but I think you're missing the real point of this page. Who's that guy playing the trumpet, the most marvelous of instruments?

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